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Best Stock Market Books By Indian Authors
  There are thousands of books on stock market written by various people around the world. However, if you try Read more
Best Investment Books For Beginners
  If there's one thing we can say about Covid 19, it's that it reminds us that this is the Read more


MapMyIndia IPO
  MapMyIndia is a data and technology solutions and platforms firm that provides proprietary digital maps as a service ("MaaS"), Read more
Metro Brands IPO
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala-backed footwear retailer Metro Brands Limited is one of the India's Biggest footwear specialty stores, as well as one Read more
What is Finnifty
Finnifty, which was launched in January , is just a modified search filter. To comprehend FIN NIFTY, however, you must Read more
Lifetime Free Demat Account
In India, opening a Demat account is the primary step toward participating in the share market, index funds, initial public Read more
Cumulative Preference Shares
In addition to providing equity shares to the public, a corporation may also issue other types of shares to the Read more
Tools for Fundamental Analysis
  As things are changing in the stock market day by day, investors are focusing more on proper analysis before Read more
Demat Account Holding Statement
  Sometimes you might feel that buying and keeping stocks are good or bad? But where can the answer to Read more
Pledging of Shares
  This is a topic which can be divided into two parts: first pledging of shares by promoters & pledge Read more
How to Close Demat Account Online
  There are many fees and maintenance costs associated with demat accounts. As a result, all inactive or zero balance Read more
Full Service Broker vs Discount Broker
  There are two sorts of brokerages: discount brokers and full service brokers. Selecting the perfect stockbroker type for your Read more
Career in Stock Market
  The stock market is unpredictable, and the majority of people have no idea what the stock market comprises. In Read more
Techniques of Financial Statement Analysis
  Analysts use a variety of methodologies to assess a firm's financial soundness in order to determine its stock market Read more

Mutual Fund

How to Become Mutual Fund Agent
  A mutual fund advisor's job is to guide customers to invest in mutual fund schemes to build or maintain Read more
Is Mutual Fund Safe
  Do you have any concerns regarding investing in mutual funds? Are you still unsure about the safety of mutual Read more
How to open SIP account
  When it comes to investing, the term "Systematic Investment Plan" (SIP) has become a catchphrase, and mutual fund investors Read more
Where to Invest Money for 1 Year
  If you just have a year to invest, you should avoid stock options due to the market's volatility. Capital Read more
SIP vs Lump Sum
  You can invest in a mutual fund plan in one of two ways: as a lump sum payment or Read more
Hedge Fund vs Mutual Fund
  Mutual funds and hedge funds are both managed strategies made up of pooled funds with the purpose of creating Read more
Benefits of SIP
  Using a systematic investment plan  (SIP) to invest in mutual funds has become quite common. However, to invest in Read more
Mutual funds vs Shares
  Shares and mutual funds are two of the most popular financial investing products.  However, before you invest your hard-earned Read more
Difference Between Debt Funds and Liquid Funds
  Due to the rise in popularity of liquid funds in recent years, mutual fund investors always look for the Read more
What is Beta in Mutual Fund
  People put their money into mutual funds in order to get a good return. You should be aware of Read more


Call Writing
  The majority of retail investors in India are increasing at a historic rate who are wishing to trade in Read more
What is Margin Pledge
  The market regulator SEBI has recently adopted several of the measures aimed at protecting investors' interests. All initiatives culminated Read more
What is a forward contract
  You must have heard about futures and Options contracts in the stock market, but many people don't know what Read more
How to Trade in Bank Nifty
  Many traders who have concentrated on trading bank nifty options have developed a profusion of bank option trading methods Read more
Hedging in Stock Market
  Although the phrase "hedging" may appear like something your gardening-obsessed neighbour does, it is a helpful strategy that each Read more
What is F&O
  Those who trade in the stock markets will understandably be worried about price swings, as variations in pricing might Read more
Difference Between Futures and Options
  Futures and options have grown widely famous among investors in recent years, particularly in the stock market. This is Read more
Derivative Trading
  India's financial market system may be generally divided into two categories: Cash segments and Derivative segment. The turnover and Read more
What is Expiry Date in Indian Stock Market
  You've definitely heard the term "expiry" when it comes to pharmaceuticals or packaged foods, but some of you may Read more
Types of Derivatives Market
  Traders can use a variety of approaches to protect themselves against the risks and unpredictability of the stock markets. Read more

Daily Earning

What is Intraday Trading
When you enter the stock market, you will witness many people via YouTube videos & other social media platforms encourage Read more
How to Calculate Stop Loss
Stop loss is one of the most important aspects of intraday trading. However, it poses a number of questions, such Read more
How to do Intraday Trading
  Intraday trading requires measured actions, the capacity to monitor the market like an eagle, and the capacity to make Read more
Intraday Trading Tips
  Intraday trading is riskier than normal stock market investing. To minimise losses, it is critical to understand the fundamentals Read more
Square Off in Trading
  Trading may be a long-term investment that offers significant returns over time or a short-term approach that yields rapid Read more
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