10 Best Movies on Stock Market

The financial industry, in all of its forms, makes for excellent filmmaking. While talking about 10 Best Movies on Stock Market, Tragedy, satire, imagination, failure, and redemption have all appeared in Cinema’s many finance movies over the decades.

While the majority of the movies on stock market depict financial specialists in a negative light, the incredible tales of excess, risk-taking, and, of course, ambition all make for compelling cinema and are needed viewing for anyone considering or currently engaged in the industry.

Important Points

  • Staying informed about the area of finance is often a good idea in order to make sound investment choices and consider the financial climate that can affect your investments.
  • While many of us are too lazy to sit back and study a book about finance, there are a number of movies on stock market that are both fun and informative.
  • We’ve compiled a list of ten films about finance or stock market that every investor should see at certain stage.

Best Movies on Stock Market

Here is the list of 10 Best Movies on Stock Market:

Barbarians at the Gates (1993)

Number 10 in our list of Best Movies on Stock Market  is a mostly overlooked 1993 TV movie about RJR Nabisco’s leveraged buyout (LBO).

Although the film takes some liberties in depicting this true storey, viewers will be surprised and entertained by Nabisco CEO F. Ross Johnson’s incompetence and greed, as well as the behind-the-scenes dealings and skulduggery surrounding this popular LBO.

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

This endlessly quotable film is an acclaimed big-screen treatment of a David Mamet play about a group of downtrodden real estate salespersons whose values have been completely eroded after years of serving for their unscrupulous business.

This film depicts the greed and underhanded strategies that sales representatives can face, and also the stress that salespeople face from their supervisors.

While the complete cast is excellent, Alec Baldwin’s “motivational speech” steals the show and highlights both the best and worst aspects of working under extreme stress.

Rogue Trader (1999)

The tale of Nick Leeson, a trader who single-handedly brought Barings Bank, the globe ‘s second merchant bank, to its knees.

Leeson, a prominent figure on the Singapore stock exchange, blew up as rapidly as he rose, concealing massive losses in strategically concealed accounts from his bosses, ultimately leading to the mother of all collapsed trades on a short straddle position on the Nikkei, which experienced a big sigma shift.

Although the film is amusing in and of itself, Leeson’s storyline serves as a valuable lesson in risk prevention and financial supervision. This is among the best stock market movies.

Boiler Room (2000)

Although Barbarians at the Gates is set in the showmanship and glitter of a corporation boardroom Boiler Room is set at the very bottom of the monetary ladder: a pump and dump scheme.

Although Boiler Room is a piece of fantasy, pump-and-dump companies and the misery and suffering they cause their victims are very realistic.

Boiler Room acts as a cautionary tale for newcomers to the stock market, advising them to stick to straightforward, well-established businesses with strong fundamentals, and to always remember the adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” This is one of the movies about stock market.

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Trading Places (1983)

Eddie Murphy plays a street smart con artist who is duped into being the boss of a commodity trading company, inadvertently replacing his replacement, a blue-blooded executive performed by Dan Aykroyd, in this western remake of The Prince and the Pauper.

While actual trading takes a back seat to the players adjusting to their changed situations, the final 15 minutes of the film depict a frantic trading session in the orange juice futures pits that is very realistic.

Without spoiling the plot, this scene solo is worth seeing, but the supporting cast 80s nostalgia, and excellent acting from the contributes make this a must-see. It is one of the fantastic movies on stock market.

Watch Trading Places

The Big Bull (2021)

Fifth in our list of Best Movies on Stock Market  is focused on a true tale, ‘The Big Bull’ describes the journey of Hemant Shah. A small-time investment banker who uses loopholes in the nation’s outdated banking system to trigger a huge stock market bull run.

It was just a matter of time before his visionary run turned into a nightmare at a moment when the economy was taking its major step toward liberation.

Regardless of the fact that his role could have used a lot more complexity and information, Abhishek Bachchan gives a good performance.

For instance, his appearance does not change much from childhood to middle age, making it difficult to believe that his personality has matured significantly.

Scam 1992 (2020)

This movie is focused on the book authored by veteran Times of India reporter Sucheta Dalal and her spouse Debashis Basu.

It narrates the rapid rise and accidental fall from power of the sensational stockbroker Harshad Mehta. The guy who became the image of India’s 1992 stock market fraud worth 5,000 crore rupees.

Visually, it’s a delight to see the vintage world charm of Bombay in the 1980s and 1990s, which adds a lot of nostalgia.

The production style is flawless, and the cinematography is fascinating, with reaching Ariel shots of the town that appear much cleaner than they actually are. The title song by Achint Thakkar, like the ultimate background score, is soulful and full of energy.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

This is some of the Best Movies on Stock Market. If you have n’t spotted this Scorsese-directed biopic about the surge and collapse of a renowned stock scammer, Jordan Belfort, you’re lacking out on a few of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill’s greatest shows.

The Wolf of Wall Street, like Barbarians’ pump and dump, is focused on true incidents (albeit with a heavy dose of drama) centred on the iconic Stratton Oakmont, an over-the-counter trading firm, and a pump-and-dump strategy that assisted IPO numerous huge major corporations in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


Watch The Wolf of Wall Street

Wall Street (1987)

The Oliver Stone masterpiece that inspired millions of recent college graduates to utter the ageless term “Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel” as they hurried to their Series 7 exams.

Wall Street, which was created to depict the excess and hedonism linked with investment banking, still has extraordinary strength as a recruiting tool for traders, brokers, experts, and bankers approximately 30 years after it was produced.

Although the film represents to warn us about the risks of insider trading, let’s be honest: who would n’t desire to be Bud Fox or indeed Gordon Gekko (justifiably, of course) and engage in our money hungry side? After all as Gekko would claim, “Greed is good.”

Watch Wall Street

Margin Call (2011)

The top investment film of our list of Best Movies on Stock Market is Margin Call that every expert should watch. It takes place over the course of 24 hours in the life of a Wall Street company on the verge of failure.

It makes no attempt to cover up its disdain for some of the world ‘s biggest banks’ irresponsible risk-taking in the run-up to the 2008 economic recession including trading complicated derivative equipment that they themselves hardly even known.

A moving plot in the film displays two major characters discussing the impending disaster that will soon befall their financial institution and the clueless economic landscape, while a janitor stands around them, entirely unaware of what is going on.

Watch Margin Call


These blockbusters listed of stock market movies are a must-see for any aspiring financial professional, but even if you aren’t considering a professional life in finance they can provide some overview into the crazy and sometimes bizarre universe of finance.

However, as the phrase goes, “truth is stranger than fiction,” and as events such as the 2008 financial crisis, Enron’s downfall, and the Madoff controversy have demonstrated, genuine life can be much more remarkable than any story Cinema can dream up.

This is all from our side regarding Best Movies on Stock Market. Let us know your views in the comment section.

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FAQs About Stock Market Movies

Which are the Best Movies on Stock Market from India?

The Scam 1992 is most promising Web series made in India. Other one is the Big Bull.

Is Scam 1992 and The Big Bull story is same?

No, They are look like similar but the story is different.

Which is the best Movie on 2008 economic recession?

The Margin Call is the best movie on 2008 Economic recession.

which is the best movie made on Initial Public offerings?

The wolf of Wall Street is the best movie made on Initial Public offering.

Which movie is made on Singapore's trader?

The Rogue Trader made in 1999 is movie based on Singapore trader.

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