IPO Grey Market Premium

IPO Grey market Premium is the major thing nowadays while you are considering subscribing to an IPO. However, the Grey market premium changes on a daily basis so keeping an eye on grey market premium on daily basis is must for anyone who is applying in IPO.

IPO Grey Market Premium

Live Grey market Premium for Ethos IPO gmp is 2 and Aether industries IPO GMP is 5. Whereas GMP for Paradeep Phosphates IPO is 0.50 and eMudhra IPO grey market premium is 1.

Everyone is waiting for dates of more IPOs. If the IPO GMP is strong or if the ability goes high, subscribe to those IPOs.

Upcoming IPOs

There are many upcoming IPOs in 2021-22 which are ,

Checkout the ongoing IPO Grey Market Premium Live with regular updates.

How to Get IPO Allotment
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Live Grey Market Premium

IPO  Dates of IPO GMP (in Rs) Subject to Sauda Kostak 
Paradeep Phosphates IPO 17 May 2022 0.50 0 0
Ethos IPO 18 May 2022 2 0 0
eMudhra IPO 20 May 2022 1 0 0
Aether Industries IPO 24 May 2022 5 0 0
Seven Islands May 2022
Esaf Small Finance May 2022
Northern ARC May 2022

Get the constant updates for Seven islands , Esaf Small Finance IPO, Northern ARC IPO Grey Market Premium.

Click on the IPO Name above to get the more update. Check the Kostak value and Subject to Sauda price for the live IPO GMP currently.


Important Points- IPO GMP
Important Points – IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium of Upcoming IPO)
  • A specified date is valid for the reference to the IPO Grey Market Premium (IPO GMP Live), as indicated in the heading.
  • On IPO Grey Market, we don’t purchase and sell IPO forms.
  • Kostak Rate is the premium to sell your IPO application (in an off-market transaction) perhaps before the stock is awarded or listed.
  • Do not subscribe to the IPO only when you see the premium price as it may alter before listing at any time. Subscribe solely in regard to firms fundamentals.

What is IPO Grey Market Premium?

Depending on the organisation performance and probabilities of subscription in every investor category decides the grey market premium price.

Some sites offer live pricing alerts on the grey IPO market. These are some areas in which you may go to examine the differing prices of premiums and see how much the inventory prices are on the exchange.

What is Kotak?

The added sum of rupees sold on the IPO Grey market for IPO applications is called kostak (or price of application). Usually, the ‘Kostak’ value is the bonus of the maximum number of retail apps in an IPO.

The price of Kostak is substantial largely before the subscription is completed and the last bid status available to IPO participants. Only a small percentage of IPO applications are traded once the final auction status is disclosed to investors.

‘Kostak’ is for people who do not desire an IPO risk or a list gain.


Cartrade Limited
Issue Price: Rs 306 Per Equity Share (Maximum Bid price)
Lot Size: 45
Grey Market Premium: Rs 220 to Rs 230
Kostak (Rs 13770): Rs 680 to Rs 720

This means Cartrade IPO applications of Rs 13770 are being traded in IPO Grey Market at Rs 680 to Rs 720.

Despite the fact that this IPO’s Live Grey Market Premium is around 75% of the issue price, the ‘Kostak’ is just 5% of the application value.

What is Subject to Sauda?

In the Indian IPO Grey Market, a kind of agreement is subject to Sauda. An applicant may sell an IPO application to an offer or at an agreed amount before the IPO shares are offered on the public market (Kostak Rate).

The buyer and vendor understand that selling an IPO app on the grey market only is permissible if the seller wins the reward. This agreement is invalid if the Seller IPO application doesn’t get any stocks.


An initial public offering (IPO) is planned by a company called XYZ at a cost of Rs 100 per share. The initial IPO shares are scheduled for 15 days to be made public. Subject to Sauda, a seller might sell Rs 2 lakhs Rs 5000 for his Retail IPO allotment.

If the service provider succeeds in obtaining an assignment, Rs 5000 would be rewarded. If the supplier does not get an allocation, he receives nothing.

Previous IPOs Performance

Name of IPO Dates  Issue Price (Rs.) Listing Date Listing Price(NSE)
Venus Pipes IPO 11 to 13 May 22 326 24 May 22 337.00
Delhivery IPO 11 to 13 May 22 487 24 May 22  495.20
Prudent IPO 10 to 12 May 22 630 20 May 22 650.00
LIC IPO 04 to 09 May 22 949 17 May 22 872.00
Rainbow IPO 27 to 29 Apr 22 542 10 May 22 510.00
Campus IPO 26 to 28 Apr 22 292 09 May 22 360.00
Hariom Pipe IPO 30 Mar to 05 Apr 22 153 14 Apr 22 220.00
Veranda Learning IPO 29 to 31 Mar 22 137 11 Apr 22 125.00
Uma Exports IPO 28 to 30 Mar 22 68 07 Apr 22 76.00
Ruchi Soya FPO 24 to 28 Mar 22 655 08 Apr 22 855.00
Vedant Fashions 04 to 08 Feb 22 866 16 Feb 22 935.00
Adani Wilmar IPO 27 to 31 Jan 22 230 08 Feb 22 227.00
Ags Technology  19 to 21 Jan 22 175 31 Jan 22 175.00
CMS Info Systems 21 to 23 Dec 21 216 31 Dec 21 220.20
Supriya Lifescience 16 to 20 Dec 21 274 28 Dec 21 421.00
Hp Adhesives IPO 15 to 17 Dec 21 274 27 Dec 21 315.00
Data Pattern 14 to 16 Dec 21 585 24 Dec 2021 856.05
Medplus IPO 13 to 15 Dec 21 796 23 Dec 2021 1040.00
Metro Brands IPO 10 to 14 Dec 21 500 22 Dec 2021 437.00
Mapmyindia IPO 09 to 13 Dec 21 1033 21 Dec 2021 1565.00
Shriram Properties 08 to 10 Dec 21 118 20 Dec 2021 90.00
Rategain Travel IPO 07 to 09 Dec 21 425 17 Dec 2021 360.00
Anand Rathi IPO 02 to 06 Dec 21 550 14 Dec 2021 600.00
Tega Industries IPO 01 to 03 Dec 21 543 13 Dec 2021 760.00
Star Health IPO 30 Nov to 02 Dec 21 900 10 Dec 2021 845.00
Go Fashion IPO 17 to 20 Nov 21 690 30 Nov 2021 1310.00
Tarsons Products 15 to 17 Nov 21 662 26 Nov 2021 682.00
Latent View 10 to 12 Nov 21 197 23 Nov 2021 512.20
Sapphire Foods 09 to 11 Nov 21 1180 18 Nov 2021 1350.00
Paytm IPO 08 to 10 Nov 21 2150 18 Nov 2021 1950.00
Policy Bazaar 01 to 03 Nov 21 980 15 Nov 2021 1150.00
S J S Enterprises 01 to 03 Nov 21 542 15 Nov 2021 542.00
Sigachi Industries 01 to 03 Nov 21 163 15 Nov 2021 570.00
FINO Payments 29 Oct to 02 Nov 21 577 12 Nov 2021 544.35
Nykaa IPO 28 Oct to 01 Nov 21 1125 10 Nov 2021 2018.00

Income Tax Implications

Since the grey market is an unregulated market, all proceeds will go to the IPO applicant who sold their application. The majority of IPO grey market deals are completed in cash, thus actual exchanges take place in the applicant’s account. The applicant is now directly responsible for the tax.

For retail and HNI investors, Profit Must is the greatest venue for IPO research, recommendations, and debate. Our service may also be used by investors who want to learn more about brokerage firm reports and analysts’ thoughts. All forthcoming IPOs in India will be thoroughly examined, with a grey market premium and a study.


Grey Market Premium is an unofficial market. So you cannot only depend on them while applying in IPOs. However, they give you a basic idea regarding how good that IPO is.

This is all from our side regarding IPO Grey Market Premium. Although, if you have any doubts you can just comment below.

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IPO Grey Market Premium - FAQ
IPO Grey Market Premium – FAQ

IPO Grey Market Premium is trustworthy?

Yes, It is Trustworthy. However, You must also go your research before apply in an IPO.

Is IPO Grey Market Premium official ?

No, IPO Grey Market Premium is not official as it is traded in unofficial market.

What is Kostak?

The Kostak rate is the amount that a single person pays for the IPO request prior to the IPO listing. On Kostak rates outside the market, you may purchase and sell their whole IPO application and make your profit. In all circumstances the Kostak tariffs apply to you.

What is Sauda?

Sauda in the IPO Grey Market in India is a sort of transaction. An investor may formally sell an IPO application to a buyer before IPO stocks are listed on the public market at a negotiated cost.

When does Grey Market premium Starts?

Grey Market Premium generally starts when a Company announces IPO dates.

Profit Must is being built by a passionate team with in-depth understanding of the IPO sector and stock market. The team does their own research and publishes articles on Profitmust.com based on their findings.

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